Monday, 4 April 2011

they smell good by the way

god has truly made some miraculous places on this earth. i just returned from a weekend getaway on a little island on the mediterranean sea in spain. it was tremendously serene and pleasurable. me and my friend stayed in this gorgeous hostel entitled hostal giaramundo. it was painted with bright colors, and had such a warm "home-ee" feel. the spanish people were so warm and inviting to us while we were visiting the island it was perfect. on our second day on the island we visited the beach which was within walking distance of our hostel, and we laid out and gained a little vitamin-d back into our skin. london definitely has not given me much, so this weekend was a nice boost of vitamins.
speaking of vitamins the food was delicious. oozzing of natural goodness. our hostel provided us with breakfast, and the best part about our breakfast was the freshly squeezed oranges that ooozeed into our cups. it was one of the most satisfying things to see the server squeezing oranges just for us. and it was like that at most restaurants that you went to on the island. during on last lunch in spain we had a traditional dish starts with a "p," but i will butcher the spelling of the dish so i will digress..and only inform you that it consists of spanish rice with mussels, lobster, and shrimp. this dish was so flavorful. i was so surprised at how the meat tasted in comparison to the american tastes i know...this town is on the port so a lot of the dishes our sea food dishes...on the first night here i devoured sepia..which is a dish that consisted of jellyfish and octopus...ahh..and it was delicious...
being in this country for this short amount of time really jarred my memory..and my being...wanting me to ..desperately wanting to communicate with the locals using spanish...when me and my friend arrived we were shocked to see a menu in spanish...but what do you expect..YOU ARE IN crazy..that we even asked for an american menu..haha....but after that day we made every attempt to use the little spanish phrases we knew to converse to the locals using their language..and it felt so good...especially when they responded to us in spanish...instead of laughing..hahaha...or just speaking to us in english..haha..i loved trying..making that effort..being immersed in their culture made me realize how much i should have paid attention to my spanish course in high school..i guess i will be getting the rosetta stone soon..haha...would love to go back to spain with more knowledge of the language..
caught a few rays, ate delicious desserts, heard the ways crashing on the of the most peaceful sounds to hear..really...i know that they make alarm clocks with that sound..but nothing can compare to hearing that sound out of the window of your hostel, or when you are laying on the beach...listening to yourself and what is around you...
being here made me slow down and pay attention to the details..see things for what they are....and what they can become...
made me realize how fast i walk in london...i am always in a hurry...being on this island made me slow down and literally smell the roses...they smell the way

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  1. Paella, yum!! Which island? You should go to Barcelona sometime, it's my favorite city in Europe.